We’re an out of home (OOH) platform, enabling brands to achieve high impact marketing and reach global audiences more efficiently by offering an automated solution for OOH advertising. In addition, on our digital platform, media buyers can use a brand’s unique consumer data to target and buy digital out of home (DOOH) audiences programmatically, providing a more unified, cross channel marketing campaign alongside other digital media.

We also believe in full transparency; providing visibility as to where your advertising is placed and operating with no hidden platform costs, which gives brands confidence that they know exactly where their budget is being spent.

We are operating in a number of countries throughout Europe, Asia and North and South America including The UK, Italy, Germany, Spain, The Netherlands, the US and Hong Kong.

“VIOOH is proud to be a Founding Member of ITA because we believe that diversity is one of the most important pillars for any business to be truly successful. Its important to us that our team is made up of globally and gender diverse employees who bring their own experiences and skills and work together to guide and direct our business.“

– Michelle Langelaan, Director of Marketing