About Totally

Totally deliver bespoke software solutions to your unique challenges, creating value and efficiency for your organisation.

Totally’s goal is to create value and efficiency for our commercial & not-for-profit clients giving them back time they didn’t have before. We genuinely believe that with our expertise and experience, coupled with our client’s visions, anything is possible.

The chances are you’re wasting a lot of time using manual processes or off-the-shelf solutions that are holding you back. Whether you are a start-up, SME or enterprise organisation we will help you define and translate your business requirements into a coherent bespoke software programme, even if you don’t know where to start.

We won’t take on anything we don’t think we can deliver and we won’t take on anything that we don’t believe in. Our client relationships are incredibly important to us, therefore we are always realistic and honest with you, challenging you where necessary to fight for a better outcome. You can be confident you are in safe, experienced hands and that we will deliver at all costs. We genuinely believe, with our expertise and your vision, anything is possible.

“Totally is proud to be a Founding Member of ITA. We joined because we want to ensure diversity is at the forefront of our company culture. Without our people we wouldn’t be here today and we continually benefit from diversity in the workplace. There is still work to do and we believe that being a part of the Inclusive Tech Alliance will help us and others gain enormous value from being at the forefront of diversity in technology sector.”

– Andy Margolis, CEO