About Simply Business

Since we formed in 2005, we’ve helped three million small businesses and self-employed people find the protection that’s right for them – from butchers and bakers to personal trainers.

We’re obsessed with making the process of finding insurance as simple as it can be for small businesses, with no hint of compromise on choice, quality or cost. In the process, we’ve challenged a traditional industry and gone from an ambitious start-up to a half a billion dollar company.

We’ve won awards for being the UK’s best place to work and, as a Benefit Corporation, have changed our entire governance structure to reflect our ethical outlook. We harness cutting-edge data ability, believe in experimentation and build our own technology.

But what we’re most proud of is our stunning customer feedback – 9/10 customers rate us good or excellent. This only strengthens our commitment to create an even better insurance experience for the small businesses that are the backbone of our economy.

“At Simply Business we firmly believe that a more inclusive technology sector is in all our interests so we jumped at the chance to become a founding member of the Tech Inclusivity Alliance. We recognise inclusivity in technology has improved but we still have a long way to go to ensure everyone has fair access to opportunities. We hope this new partnership with the Tech Inclusivity Alliance can be the catalyst for further positive change.”

– Hasani Jess, UK CTO, Simply Business