About Clear Channel UK

Clear Channel is one of the UK’s leading Out of Home media owners with more than 40,000 sites nationwide. With a physical presence across roadside, retail, and pubs & bars, you’ll find Clear Channel advertising panels in all areas across the country. We have long-term partnerships with advertisers, agencies, landlords and local authorities, helping advertisers reach people in public spaces on both our classic and digital platforms.

Digital innovation sits right at the heart of our company and we’re continually investing in technology that benefits all of our stakeholders, whether it’s better public utility, easier automated buying, dynamic campaigns or tools that support the day-to-day running of the business.

As a responsible media owner we work hard to ensure that we are making communities better, be that through our tireless work to limit environmental impact, the charities we partner with, the aesthetic of the sites we build, and the utility they provide. Our dedicated team of more than 650 people work across 14 locations nationwide – each one of them, is committed to making a difference to communities across the UK.

“Clear Channel is proud to be a Founding Member of the Inclusive Tech Alliance. Our industry is going through seismic change, thanks to technology. All aspects of our business are being transformed by digital evolution and we’re continually seeking future talent, of all backgrounds, to play a part in creating the future of media, out of home.

We are passionate about the people that make up Clear Channel and the wider media industry, as well as the people that make the communities we are present in. We acknowledge our responsibility to use our network to mirror the diversity of the UK today, as well as providing employment and opportunities to all.

We aim to back organisations that align with our company value of Fairness, and the Inclusive Tech Alliance does just that through their commitment to improving diversity in tech in the UK.”

– Karen Rogers, HR Manager