About BiVictriX Therapeutics

BiVictriX Therapeutics Ltd (“BiVictriX”) is an innovative biotech company, based in the North West of England, focused on developing and licensing a new class of highly selective Antibody Drug Conjugates (“ADCs”), designed to deliver chemotherapy-like agents directly to the cancer cells, whilst sparing damage to healthy tissues.

The Company is focused on addressing unmet medical need in a subset of aggressive blood cancers, and has an initial interest in Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (“AML”), accounting for 90% of adult acute leukaemia cases. Through a novel dual targeting approach which offers superior tumour targeting, BiVictriX is aiming to develop a pipeline of ‘first-in-class’ precision medicines to revolutionise how blood cancer is currently treated.

BiVictriX’s Bi-Cygni targeting platform improves drug specificity for the cancer through simultaneously targeting two cell surface tumour antigens, displayed in a tumour-restricted co-expression pattern, through a differentiated bispecific format. As the tumour antigens are not co-expressed on healthy tissues, BiVictriX aims to eliminate the harmful toxicities currently limiting this otherwise promising therapeutic class.

This novel bispecific technology platform can be applied to ADC drug development to produce a next-generation class of highly selective anti-cancer therapeutics across several targets.

“BiVictriX Therapeutics is proud to be a founding member of the ITA as it is an initiative which we believe has a strong relevance in today’s diverse society. It has long been recognised that certain job roles are associated with a certain gender, age and ethnicity stereotype. To really encourage the next generation to maximise their opportunities and reach their full potential, we need to change this stereotype. We are firm believers that people with different experiences, backgrounds and cultures can bring a diverse arrange of innovative and creative thinking to the ‘Tech’ sector. Because of this, if we (as a Company) can help to promote the initiative and assist in any way, we believe this will be beneficial to other companies and individuals, across all aspects of the tech sector. If an idea or vision is unique, credible and supported by a strong, multi-disciplined and diverse team, then I am a firm believer that you will have a greater chance of success in the future.”

– Tiffany Daniels-Thorn, CEO