Chelsea Chen

Co-founder of Emotech


Chelsea Chen is the co-founder of Emotech. She also founded the world’s first comprehensive international platform for AI research and business development in London in 2017. Chelsea was invited to BBC One Documentary ‘Invented in London’, Cannes Lions, Merge and TechCrunch Women in Tech where she was sharing her insights as woman entrepreneur. In April 2018, Chelsea was awarded the Top 100 Asian Stars in UK Tech by Diversity UK, she was also the Top 5 in the Creative Industries. Chelsea is a technologist and creativist, with diverse and international experience in consumer strategy planning, marketing and brand communications. She previously led the OgilvyOne team for clients such as Diageo, VW, Nestle and P&G to name a few. She obtained her Master degree in Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship. Chelsea is also an international columnist of contemporary art.

Chelsea Chen, co-founder of Emotech, Ltd., the world’s first AI company dedicated to exploring proactivity and multimodality in robotics and emotional AI.
When the company was established in 2014, Chelsea’s dream was to use Emotional AI as the core technology innovation, to improve relationships between humans and technology, and build a bridge from the future of AI.

The ascendant smart assistant at that time was still unheard of, not to mention a robotic product with personality and proactivity using multimodal user detection. Many people thought it would be extremely difficult to achieve, indeed achieving it has taken an incredible amount of effort and creativity.

But Chelsea firmly believes as robots populate our lives, they must be built to be empathetic, promoting balanced lifestyles, through innovative, efficient interactions. In 2016 Emotech was named by TechCrunch Europe’s best 14 startup alumni. Olly, Emotech’s first robot with personality, swept the 2017 CES Awards, collecting four Innovation Awards: breaking CES’s records in the past 50 years.

Chelsea believes that openness, extensive communication and exchanges within the ecosystem can maximize the use of technology to change the world. Chelsea launched “Meet AI”, London’s first AI sharing platform in May 2017, inviting academic leaders from both in and outside of the company, to speak on the latest artificial intelligence research on a monthly basis. After 14 successful events in London and 2 in Shanghai, the platform has now become the comprehensive international platform for AI research and business development. It is the first international platform that connects the East and the West that seamlessly blends of state-of-the-art research and worldwide business developments. Meet AI enables global collaborations between academia, governments and business that, previously, would not have been possible.

Chelsea is also an active speaker on the world stage in both Emotional AI and women in Tech. In April 2017, she took to the stage of Cannes Innovation Lions. In BBC ONE’s documentary ’Invented in London‘, she shared her experience as a female technology entrepreneur with technology women around the world. In April 2018, Chelsea was selected in the Top 5 of 100 Asian Tech Stars in UK, she was also recognised as the Top 5 in the Creative Industries.

Chelsea brings to Emotech her diverse global experience from marketing to brand strategic planning, previously leading OgilvyOne’s team for clients such as Diageo, VW, Nestle and P&G to name a few. With her keen instinct of market opportunity and deep insight into consumers and local culture, she helped a number of international brands, landing and expanding sales channels in China. Previously, she was the brand director of, responsible for the rebranding and global communication of’s NY stock exchange listing.

Chelsea believes that the leader of a startup should not confine him/herself to product and competition, but also to remain curious about everything. She holds a Master’s Degree in Arts Management from Goldsmiths (Goldsmiths University), and continues to participate in art and design courses in the London College of Art and Design. Chelsea also attended Stanford Design School (Stanford School of Design) to complete the Creative Thinking program.

She is also an international columnist of contemporary art, avid photographer, art collector and generally loves all things robots and art!

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