Arusha Gupta

Arusha Gupta

Head of HR- Europe, LTI


Arusha’s inspirational leadership style was spotted early on in her career with her first promotion to Group Head HR in 2001 while working in manufacturing and then moving into Tech organisations for most of her career. Fundamental to her success has been her passion around the significant role HR has in embedding a culture of authentic leadership into any organisation.

In 2005 she joined Tata Consulting India’s largest IT service provider and by 2008 she was promoted to Head of Talent Management for the European region making the move to the Netherlands and subsequently the UK.

After over a decade with TCS where she was instrumental in reinventing the company’s recruitment and development strategy, she joined Hewlett Packard (HP) during their well-known transition/division to ‘HPE & HPI’ leading multiple acquisitions and mergers.

In 2018, Arusha was head hunted by LTI to Head HR for LTI’s UK, European & Nordics business and is now Strategic HR Business Leader for the company’s Global Sales workforce. Key initiatives that she is bringing to the organisation focus on Enhancing Employee Experience, Learning & Development and Diversity & Inclusion. She is working with leaders across the globe to ensure a culture of 360 feedback and a reduction of hierarchical structures to ensure better collaboration among teams. Her mantra is always ‘being human first’ which although a simple concept we all know tends to be a tough one to follow in the corporate environment.

Arusha commented; “Authentic leadership for me is all about enabling authenticity in teams. It does not start or stop at the leader; it circles them to create an environment of authentic behaviour. In my mind, what prevents authentic behaviour is fear of vulnerability. The most authentic of leaders that always comes to my mind is Steve Jobs, he may not have been a perfect leader, but he was who he was completely authentic and proactively encouraged others to be authentic around him rather than provide useless feedback.”